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I was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, on October 22, 1937.
Brought up on a hill farm in the Lake District which also shaped my later life because it introduced me to the land of Arthur Ransome, to the peace and beauty of the high, wild places, and gave me a lifelong preference for silent mountains and limpid lakes.

I had a brief flirtation with the Law at King's College, London University, where I also found myself in charge of the college newspaper, King's News. This resulted in my leaving London University to plunge into the world of national newspapers, and I spent a quarter of a century on the Daily Express, the London Evening Standard, TV Times, The Sun, and the Sunday Mirror. In those years, I was a reporter, a gossip columnist, a political leader writer, a television correspondent, a cinema critic, and a publishing correspondent and a book reviewer.

But in 1985, I decided to cast loose from the newspaper world and make my living as a freelance television correspondent, mainly for magazines.
Since then I have contributed to the Daily Telegraph, Radio Times, What's On TV, etc.

It was as a result of my article in the Daily Telegraph on the life and work of one Police Wildlife Liaison Officer that I was approached to research for the BBC television drama series Badger, and wrote the companion book to the series.

I was also the researcher on "Micawber", the John Sullivan series for Yorkshire television, and regularly supply specialized research for his projects including the current comedy series "Green Green Grass".







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